At The Youth Lab, we believe that the key to tomorrow lies in our understanding of young people's real needs and a desire to think differently about answering those needs.

We seek out organisations who have a vested interest in tapping into, appealing to and connecting with youth culture. Those organisations that recognise, by truly understanding the youth of today, they will reap the sustainable benefits for the future - for societal, community and commercial betterment.

We work with young people. We champion them. We observe them living their real lives. Youth-immersion is ALL we do. Because we live it day in day out, we are the gateway to unlocking an unparalleled understanding of youth culture.

We offer a full immersion into the lives of young people, through THE LOVE NETWORK– Thinkhouse's global network of early adopter 18-35 year olds - and our unique methodology which is designed to get to the heart of youth culture - how young people feel, think and act - and apply relevance to your organisation.

We then translate these insights into an actionable strategic framework that supports your organisational strategic and innovation agenda, providing a navigational compass that helps you unlock the unlimited potential – that lies in our youth of today.


Our team of consultants help organisations get fit for the future. Whether it’s reviewing how your organisation is structured to how your brand or products are best positioned to serve youth audiences - we work in partnership to shape your future success.


We crunch data, observe behaviours, investigate outliers and identify undercurrents, distilling multiple data points down to transformative insights that will challenge your status quo and re-frame how you think about the future.


We translate our insights into strategies and actions that will deliver positive performance improvements for organisations, local and global.


We set the future course for brands, guiding creative ideation that will connect with youth audiences.


We have experience and expertise across a range of industry sectors:

  • FMCG
  • Drinks Industry - Spirits, Wine & Beer
  • Beauty, Health & Wellness
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Fashion & Retail
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Social Media & Technology
  • Financial Services & Utilities
  • B2B, HR & Recruitment