Welcome to The Youth Lab. We demystify youth culture to help organisations better connect with young people.

Navigating the attitudes and behaviours of 16-35 year olds today is the key to unlocking tomorrow’s opportunities. Don’t assume young people are your future consumers by default. 

Our Insight, Strategy and Planning services investigate, decode and translate youth culture, helping clients see their products and services through the eyes of young people. Raw, real, unfiltered. 

“I highly recommend The Youth Lab to anyone looking to engage with younger generations.”

Rory Carty, Head of Youth Banking, Bank of Ireland

“The work produced by The Youth Lab was like a light being shone in the dark; illuminating and exciting.”

Mark Abrami, Head of Social, Hotels.com

“The amazing input by Thinkhouse and The Youth Lab was reflected in the multi-award winning work.”

Susan Ryan, Head of Marketing Operations, Deloitte